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Buying From A Breeder

What To Consider When Purchasing A Westie From A Breeder

AWR always promotes full disclosure of any mental or physical health issues of every dog that comes into our care & we expect that all breeders do the same. Before considering purchasing a registered pup, we recommend that you do your research thoroughly & we are happy to be contacted to discuss anything Westie orientated. Here's a list of the main things to be aware of.

* Make sure they are a currently financial registered breeder with an Australian National Kennel Council eg. Dogs NSW, Dogs Vic etc. They will have paperwork to prove this, so ask to see it.
* Make sure to visit more than 1 breeder. This is a dogs lifetime investment, so you want to make sure you get it right. Same as buying a car or house, don't just go for the first 1 you see, even if you think this is the one. 
* Go to the breeders house & not only see the pups, but also their parents & the rest of the dogs that live there. This gives you an idea of what temperament your pup will have & if the environment is up to standard.
* Ask if all the dogs that they breed with are health checked by a qualified veterinarian. Small dogs are 10 times more likely to suffer from luxating patellas aka dislocating knee caps. So make sure that both parents have been examined by a vet & given the all clear before they were bred with. A knee operation costs on average around $1200 & cruciate operations are approx $1500. Despite what some may lead you to believe, exercise doesn't help cure the problem, it can only be solved with an operation. This is just 1 health issue you must be aware of, so make sure your registered breeder is aware & knowledgeable of them all. That way you know they are more likely to identify a slight problem, before it becomes a huge one. 
* Make sure to get registration papers & don't fall for the typical con that the papers will cost you more to have. All registered breeders (accept Dogs WA) MUST register their pups & so therefore registration papers automatically come with the pup. Papers cost less than $50 & so you are definitely NOT receiving a registered pedigree Westie if you don't have the pedigree papers. No matter what story you are being told.


* Purchase a puppy over the phone or internet before seeing it & the rest of the family.
* Meet the breeder elsewhere to collect your pup, unless you have already visited their property beforehand.
* Accept any pup offered to you if it is not a happy healthy pup. If your registered pup is found to be not up to standard & the breeder is ignoring you, you have every right to complain to your state canine council eg. Dogs Victoria. They will investigate the situation & if the breeder is found guilt they will be reprimanded or even banned from breeding. Make sure that you have credible proof eg. written veterinary reports, photos etc.